Accountability and Quality professionalism


Correa Appraisal Service was born out of frustration from working at a national appraisal service. There seemed to be no accountability or quality anywhere; there had to be a better way.

Correa is a leader in the automobile damage appraisal industry, servicing over 50 carriers while handling over 18,000 claims annually. We are committed to serving our clients per their guide-lines via our own quality control department.


Our appraisal staff is comprised of professionals that not only have solid and well-founded skills in auto and light truck appraisals, but of equal importance, we understand what it takes to create a successful customer service experience. For instance, we treat heavy truck and trailer appraisals with the same high-touch that we do with automobiles and light trucks. Heavy trucks can be difficult to estimate for many reasons. There are many nuances such as ‘loss of use,’ parts availability, depreciation, options, customization packages and nomenclature differences.


Correa has deployed a comprehensive automobile damage appraisal tracking system that integrates all aspects of the appraisal management process. Our software design allows for easy integration with other claims systems. Our bridging technology even works with legacy providers. We’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to! A dedicated team member assigned to each insurance company for a hassle-free claims process for both carriers and their clients.


Correa Appraisal Service has been in business for nearly 20 years. We are a leader in providing quality damage auto appraisals. We also service all types of claims. We currently provide service to more than 50 carriers nationwide and we process more than 18,000 claims annually.


With accountability comes attention to detail. Our quality professionalism makes us ideally suited for re-inspection services. Knowing what our customers need allows us to take a personal, hands-on approach with every claim to ensure timeliness and accuracy.


We offer “Drive-In Service” for the entire Southern California region. We have unique knowledge for vehicle damage appraisals for this region, including automobile, classic automobile, heavy equipment including trucks and trailers, motorcycle, motorhome, marine and recreational vehicles.