Accountability is the Correa Difference.
Quality Professional Service is our promise.

About Correa Appraisal Service

Important facts about Correa Appraisal Services, Inc.

  • We have been in business for nearly 20 years.
  • We are a privately held, independent automobile damage appraisal company headquartered in Brea, CA.
  • We specialize in damage appraisals for automobile, classic automobile, heavy equipment (trucks and trailers), motorcycles, motorhomes, and recreational vehicle claims.
  • We offer online automation for management and monitoring of every claim that we process.
  • Our scope of service is Southern and Northern California and expanding to the Western United States.

Correa Appraisal Service was born out of frustration from working at a national appraisal service. There seemed to be no accountability or quality anywhere; there had to be a better way.

Correa is a leader in the automobile damage appraisal industry, servicing over 50 carriers while handling over 18,000 claims annually. We are committed to serving our clients per their guide-lines via our own quality control department. We are proud to share that we have had most of our larger clients for nearly 20 years. We think this speaks for the type of service we provide.

We possess the knowledge and experience to assess vehicle damage and make unbiased repair decisions based on the manufacturer’s specifications, accepted industry procedures and safety concerns without bias towards any of the parties involved. Our success has been achieved by a highly trained staff, use of leading-edge technology, and devotion to customer service for both the carrier and their client.

We offer the ability to check status on line as well as submit appraisal requests. You are also able to view a copy of our completed estimate by logging into CC Gateway (LINK). This is the most comprehensive integrated appraisal tracking and management system available to independent appraisal firms. We can deliver an accurate appraisal on every claim quickly and cost-effectively. Your company and agents have access to your files to stay informed of the claim’s status during every step in the process.

An experienced staff allows us to perform quality appraisals in an extremely short cycle time. Our staff has completed I-CAR Fundamentals in Collision Estimating, a five-part Gold Certification course. Our appraisers have many years of experience in preparing collision estimates for the insurance industry. We carefully select and train each member of our staff to ensure that every assignment is handled with the complete satisfaction of our clients.


Accountability and Quality Professionalism are not just words to us. We walk the talk for systemic accountability and quality every day. Our founder, Ron Correa, has written several papers on systemic accountability for business. We know what it means to be accountable for every action made.

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Systemic Accountability: How to get your organization on board.

Creating accountability across an organization is a daunting task. The payoff is attractive: better productivity, greater customer satisfaction, and higher level of efficiency at every level of the organization. But to get there means facing the challenge of encouraging every member to be accountable for every action made. By Ron Correa.