Accountability is the Correa Difference.
Quality Professional Service is our promise.

Our Process

Our appraiser network covers most geographic regions in California, and is expanding to the Western States for your automobile, classic automobile, heavy equipment, motorcycle, motorhome, and recreational vehicle damage claims. To ensure that claim metrics are achieved, we consistently monitor our appraiser network workload with the aid of automation and online tools like our Gateway claims management system. This allows us to further our opportunities and meet changing customer needs while also remaining personalized enough to pick up a phone and prevent any unnecessary delays.

We can’t do all of that without a plan. Ron Correa and his team are career professional appraisers know that the best way to achieve excellence is by creating a process that guides every claim to completion. The process they have completed that not only encourages accountability, it also ensures accuracy.

For example, our day-to-day process:

  • Initial contact 12 hours from time of assignment.
  • Vehicle inspection 24-36 hours from time of assignment.
  • Turn-around time of completed file 48-72 hours from time of assignment.
  • Our goal is for all files to meet a 12-hour contact, 36 hour inspection, and 48-72 hour turn-around standard. If this does not occur, a written status to the file will be provided.
  • Customized procedures available for each client.