Every service we offer is a personal promise.
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Offered by Correa Appraisal Service:

  • Auto and Light Truck Appraisals
  • Heavy Truck and Trailer
  • Motorcycles
  • Exotics
  • Specialty Appraisals
  • DRP, PRP Re-Inspection
  • Desk Reviews and Estimates
  • Integrated Online Appraisal Tracking and Management
  • Accountability and Quality Professionalism

Our appraisal staff is comprised of professionals that not only have solid and well-founded skills in auto and light truck appraisals, but of equal importance, we understand what it takes to create a successful customer service experience. For instance, we treat heavy truck and trailer appraisals with the same high-touch that we do with automobiles and light trucks. Heavy trucks can be difficult to estimate for many reasons. There are many nuances such as ‘loss of use,’ parts availability, depreciation, options, customization packages and nomenclature differences. But our team members are well qualified to handle all of them with the same care that they do with any other appraisal type.

For that reason, Correa Appraisal Service is perfectly comfortable with specialty damage appraisals and market evaluations for actual cash value (ACV) for specialty and exotic vehicles, RVs, travel trailers, and motorcycles of all types. We also provide expert re-inspection service when you need support for Direct Repair (DRP) or Preferred Repair Programs (PRP).  And no matter how much automation and software we use to manage the day-to-day flow of appraisal management, there’s always a team of trained professionals on-hand to go over photos of damage and re-check appraiser estimates. We don’t want insurance carriers to pay a penny more than they owe.

Speaking of automation and software, we deploy the latest integrated appraisal tracking and management system available. Every client has access to our comprehensive automobile damage appraisal tracking system that integrates all aspects of the appraisal management process. That means every claim is enrolled into one secure, centralized system that gives us the advanced technology we need to perform at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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