We deploy the most advanced online tools.
You gain added control over every claim.


Correa has deployed a comprehensive automobile damage appraisal tracking system that integrates all aspects of the appraisal management process. Our software design allows for easy integration with other claims systems. Our bridging technology even works with legacy providers. We’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to!

A dedicated team member assigned to each insurance company for a hassle-free claims process for both carriers and their clients.

Let’s begin with our Concierge Service. Every claim that is processed is subject to a personal and interactive communication tool that keeps your customers fully informed from the beginning of their claim process, through supplement status and completion to avoid any delays. Increased communication and transparency leads to a positive policyholder experience.

Online estimate Analysis: A proprietary component within the Correa Gateway that electronically analyzes every estimate to ensure that guidelines are being met. We work with you to target the areas your office is focused on.

Estimate Desk Review (EDR): As an added benefit of our Gateway, our expert team of auditors are always on-hand to review photos of the damage and double-check appraiser estimates, ensuring that insurance carriers don’t pay a penny more than they owe. We assess, repairable, total loss and supplement units for multiple variables to include, but not limited to, parts, labor, prior damage, actual cash value and betterment, to name a few.

Client Connect: This unique function gives our clients the ability to securely review their file activity and request a status in real time from our staff.

Business Analysis Reporting (BAR): Our clients can retrieve management reports on appraiser performance including average cycle time and average appraisal severity. Easily identify potential problem areas with comprehensive service reports such as delayed assignments, average supplement cycle times, supplement ratios and more. It enables us to manage every claim with robust reporting capabilities and tracking. With BAR programming, our clients have access to all kinds of reports that allow them to monitor the performance of our staff, in realtime:

  • Average cycle time by appraiser
  • Average severity by appraiser
  • Open Assignments greater than 2 days aged
  • Open assignments greater than 4 days aged
  • Open supplements greater than 3 days aged
  • Pending assignments by appraiser
  • Delayed file report

Safety Recall: Powered by the NHTSA’s national database, we can increase your awareness of all safety recall and technical service bulletins, with detailed information for each assignment. This functionality is processed online through our Gateway as we receive fresh data. This is a valuable tool for liability investigations.

Online Supplement Request: This is a fast and convenient online method for submitting supplemental documentation to Correa with immediate notification going directly to the professional appraiser in the field. No longer do repair facilities have to call during office hours and provide the information over the telephone. If desired, the repair facility can upload a PDF of supplement documentation that will automatically be linked to the assignment. Repair facilities can now ensure the information is accurate and your office receives the request any time of day or night.   The request automatically reopens the claim, assigns it to the appraiser and allows for tracking of the supplement.

We have deployed the latest account management automation available in the industry. The Correa Gateway system is an administrative program designed to meet the needs of the insurance industry. Contact us for a demonstration of how these services can give you greater control.